Should women be freezing their eggs?

The number of British women freezing their eggs has risen by 25% in the last few years, but is this a safeguard against fertility problems later on?

There is no getting away from the fact that as we age so do our eggs, both the quality and quantity decline, freezing eggs is no guarantee of having a child.

When reading statistics you need to be looking at the Live Birth rates, this is very different to the Pregnancy rates.

Companies like Apple and Face book are offering women a service to freeze their eggs so that they can put off having children and further their Careers, however this may give women a false message that all will be well.

The cost of Egg freezing is similar to IVF approximately £3500 per cycle, this includes the first year storage but to keep them frozen you need to pay an annual fee of approximately £330.

The main reasons for freezing eggs use to be when a women had an impeding medical treatment that put her fertility at risk, however women are now often freezing their eggs because they are working or because they have not found the right partner or just because they are enjoying their life well into their thirties and are not prepared to give up their “freedom”. However sadly we cannot ‘have our cake and eat it’.

The HFEA have said that since 2001, 3,676 women have frozen their eggs but fewer than 60 babies have been born to patients storing and thawing eggs since 2001. This gives some idea of the chance of a positive outcome.

” The pill has given us social equality but not psychological equality.”


Young women are not being educated about their fertility, and many women have no real understanding or appreciation of how their cycle works.

Education is the way forward, so many women that I see feel cheated in that they were not informed about the decline of their fertility, they really had no idea that their egg quality or quantity declined as they age, many feel that they would have acted very differently in their mid to late twenties if they knew what they know now and are very frustrated. Many women are mourning for a child that they cannot have.