Reflexology for Fertility

Reflexology is a traditional, complementary, holistic therapy which aims to bring the individual back into a state of natural balance and encourage the optimum performance of all systems within the body.

How does reflexology help when you are trying to conceive?

harriet4Living with infertility, and the associated treatments, is hard.

It’s stressful, tiring and can be frightening. Relationships are put under enormous strain as treatments are undergone, test results awaited and when each monthly cycle represents disappointment.

Reflexology balances your body, giving your reproductive system the best chance of functioning as it should. The treatments assist with reducing stress, which in turn helps strengthen relationships at a time when you need each other the most.

Reflexology is not an alternative to your fertility treatment, but rather a complementary therapy; one that will improve your sleep patterns, improve your mental outlook, support your natural systems and encourage general good health.

All factors which play a key role in treating infertility.

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