Look to your feet

An apple a day keeps the doctor at bay.

Old wives tales can sometimes not be so daft as you think.  It is said that keeping your feet warm will help with conception.
The ovary and uterus reflexes on your feet need to be keep warm, this encourages good blood flow to all the reproductive organs.   This is not just in Reflexology but in Accupunture too. All the meridian points begin and end in our hands and feet, these meridians are important for the flow of chi, the life force.
Here are some ways to keep your feet warm

  • Wear Wool or cashmere socks.
  • Make sure your socks are not too tight or they will impair blood flow.
  • Change your socks if your feet get hot and sweaty.
  • Do some foot exercises if you are sitting still for a long time.
  • Put your feet in a bowl of warm water with some soda crystals and a few drops of lavender oil.
  • Massage your feet with some good foot cream wrap them in an old pillow case and then in a blanket.

    Snug feet

Love your feet and be aware that how you stand and walk will have an affect on your spine, which in turn will have an affect on your pelvis.  If you are trying to get pregnant it is very important that your pelvic area and psoas muscle are strong and in good order.

Go to a good Mc Timmony Chiropractor and get them to look at your posture.

I recommend Georgie Baker who works in Neals Yard in Salisbury.