Food for Fertility

Food for Fertility

Food for Fertility

We know that everything that we put in our mouths has an effect on our well being.  Every crumb is digested and broken down and sorted into mico nutrients feeding every cell in our body.

Eggs and Sperm are both cells and need to be nourished for growth.

When it comes to eating we need to think about what those foods are doing for us and our health.

Jorge E Chavarro in his book the Fertility Diet reveals ground breaking research into foods that help boost ovulation.  He advocates full fat milk and its products, cutting down on read meat and avoiding trans fats. Getting a healthier protein source from nuts, and eating more fruit and vegetables.

There is a school of thought that women should eat different foods at each stage of their cycle;

In the menses, iron rich foods such as leafy greens and organic meat.

In the follicular phase in the lead up to Ovulation, Alkaline food to create the right environment for sperm, Avocado, Cabbage, Olive oil, wheatgrass.

At the time of Ovulation, Essential fatty acids, organic dairy, Salmon, nuts seeds and whole grains.

In the luteal phase which could be supporting a possible pregnancy Beta-carrotenes, orange fruit and vegetables, pineapple, wholegrain bread, nuts and seeds.

For healthy sperm men need Zinc and phyo-estogens, Organic meat, fish, greens, Lentils, nuts, whole-grains  and fruit.  Men can improve their sperm count and the DNA in sperm through nutrition.

A balanced diet is vital making sure you are eating enough organic fruit and vegetables, supported with whole foods and the right source of protein.

Cut out WHITE – bread, rice, pasta, white flour and anything made with it.  Eliminate all sugar and any processed foods.  Do not replace with sugar substitutes they are worse for you than sugar.  Eat full fat and don’t eat any diet foods.

Women suffering from PCOS and Endometriosis find that a diet eliminating these foods improves their condition over time.

Never think diet, just change the way you eat and the pounds will drop off and eventually  your body will adjust to right weight for you.

Supplements can help with healthy cell growth, however, you need the best on the market such as NHP supplements for men and women as recommended by Dr. Marilyn Glenville.

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