Fertility Checklist

Fertility Check list

1. Have you been to your GP? This should always be the first thing you do if you are having any difficulty conceiving. Hopefully your GP will be sympathetic and make sure he/she gives you the right tests, and if necessary refer you on to a Fertility Clinic.

2. Once you have seen your GP you need to make sure you are being offered the right blood tests at the right time of your cycle. Some GPs think all women have a 28 day cycle

3. Have you been for a scan to check your womb and ovaries?

4. Are your fallopian tubes clear and in good working order?

5. Have you both been checked for STI’s – Chlamydia can lie dormant in your system, this will have an effect on your fertility.

6. Has your partner had an up to date Sperm Analysis? This is really important as male fertility is marginalised. There are other tests that males may need to do. If a man is told his morphology is 4% that means 96% of his sperm are of no use at all!

7. Have you got the support of a good complementary therapist who is properly trained and has a real understanding and experience of Fertility Issues?

I have experience and work with both men and women. I understand the frustrations and pain of not being able to conceive. I understand how Assisted conception works and am able to work along side the medical profession giving you the time, tools and support you might not be getting from your healthcare professionals

I see many couples who are really are not getting the information they need.