About Harriet

harriet3A highly experienced reflexologist, I support my clients from practice rooms located in Salisbury or from my home clinic based just outside the City Centre.

I specialise in natural fertility, and the use of reflexology to complement lifestyle approaches and traditional medicine, as my clients go through their journeys towards, and after, conception. Using a series of highly successful techniques, I can help you balance your body, overcome stress and boost your natural fertility.

Reflexology has also been shown to be hugely supportive through the processes involved in assisted conception.

I trained with the International School of Reflexology, and am a member of the Association of Reflexology, which promotes the professional standards of reflexology to the highest level.

I have also trained in advance reflexology with Tony Porter, whose techniques have enabled me to work deeper, with powerful results.

More recently, I have trained with Barbara Scott of Seren Natural Fertility who has developed highly successful protocols and techniques for working with fertility issues over the last 20 years.

I now work alongside Barbara and am able to teach her methods to trained Reflexologists who would like to enhance their skills enabling them to work effectively and safely with Fertility Clients. We teach a unique program which focuses on men as well as women.

I’m also the Secretary of The Association of Reproductive Reflexologists (ARR), Promoting Reproductive Reflexology to support fertility and infertility and assisted cycles.

At home, I’m the mother of 3 grown up children who were treated throughout their childhoods using homeopathic medicine and healing. I’m passionate about encouraging young people to be more aware of their fertility and the physical and emotional issues surrounding it, and I enjoy working with individuals and groups to further this.

To get in touch to discuss how reflexology can help you please call me on 07729 777436 or email me.